Dconf Editor Setting Keeps Failing

I lost the sound for my camera in Screenshots so I went to Dconf Editor to reset my sound settings .... it worked just fine but each time I restart my machine it reverts back to its default ..... False ..... from where I set it on .... True .... here is some photos ....

Have you tried

gsettings set org.cinnamon.desktop.sound event-sounds true

You may need to set a glib schema for it.

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Yes that worked but for some reason my sound is very low even though both my keyboard and taskbar sound is turned all the way up .....

Event sounds may pass through the motherboard speaker rather than attached system speakers.
Can you check by causing an event sound and listening closely to your speakers?

This tip really usually applies to older machines... but who knows...

I can here the camera click but very softly like the volume is turned way down ..... but I can hear it ....

I found it the setting in sounds/sounds was turned way down .... not sure just why but it defiantly works now ...... thanks for your help :+1: :beer:

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