DeaDBeef install

Ok,Looks like I don't fully understand context/dialogue formats.
What did I miss at the Command Prompt?
went to SourceForge to download/install the latest DeaDBeef (1.9.6)

Then, instructions:
"After downloaded the package, open your Downloads folder, right-click blank area and select “Open in Terminal”. Finally, install the package by running the command below in pop-up terminal:"

sudo apt install ./deadbeef–static*amd64.deb
Copy/pasted into terminal (entered password)

Error: (do not recall text, something about commands?)

Resorted to Software "store", downloaded/installed "DeaDBeef - VS"
(v. 1.8.7?)

Would like to install the latest ver.
Then, figgur out how to set it up
p.s. a lot of Russian-sounding names... umm?

It's actually a bit weird how the developers of this project are distributing their program. But basically, you have two options.

  1. Download the compressed archive, which is the file that appears near the top with a .tar.bz2 extension. This is very similar to .zip files. It's easy to miss since they wrote this in very tiny font, but there's a note there that reads:

    Linux: The builds in tar.bz2 and zip don’t require installation. Unpack and run deadbeef from the unpacked folder.

    This means that you can unpack, or extract, the archive file downloaded with right-click -> Extract Here, and inside that you will find a file named "deadbeef" that you can double-click to run directly.

  2. A little further down in the download page, under "Linux distribution packages", there's another link to a file with a .deb extension. This is the format used by Zorin OS to install packages. Download that and use the highlighted text in red:

I would recommend using the second method as that will create a global shortcut so you can find it in the applications menu.

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As an Alternative to the Terminal like @zenzen described it You could use a Tool called Gdebi to install Your Program. You can find it in the Software Store or ibnstall it over the Terminal with the Command sudo apt install gdebi

After the Installation You open the Program and there You choose the .deb File from Your downloaded Program to install it.