.deb applications

hi i cannot install some .deb apps can you help me?

You can navigate to the folder with them in, if double clicking doesn't work, right click a blank spot in the explorer window and choose open in terminal. Then type:

sudo dpkg -i [package name here] 

If you hit tab when you start typing the package name it will auto complete. You must be in the directory of the package though.

hi its not working i want to install woeusb and its a .deb installation.


sudo apt update
sudo apt install gdebi -y

Then double click the file.

For reference:

every time i try to install it says the following packages have unment dependecies

i tried whats on the website its not working either


sudo apt --fix-broken install

That should download the dependencies and allow you to install gdebi.

i typed in the command and downloaded all but the issue remains

Broken packages or won't access the .Deb?

Fixing broken packages installs dependencies, but not the app you were attempting to install (sometimes it does, not always). Rerun the gdebi command then try accessing the file. May require a reboot.

Can you also please list which dependencies are missing?

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i acctually dont know because they are not listed

The Gdebi application will list the dependencies. I highly recommend using Gdebi.

That said, if the dependencies are not met, it may well mean that package cannot be installed. Are you able to name the program you would like to install - and we can see if we can help with that...

yes the programm is called woeusb

oh sry its a .bash but i dont know how to use this either

You did say it was WoeUSB, earlier. I even read it. yet, my brain did not retain it.

Here is a guide that follows step by step, including installing dependencies prior to the package:

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