.deb files not installing

I am a new user of ZorinOS, well not as new to Linux, but definitely new to ZorinOS. I installed it on my HP Pavilion dv5 in hopes that it becomes fast again, and it did quite good.

But, when i download a .deb file from a site (like google chrome), it opens up the software store and it shows me the install button. When i click it, it says installing 0%, then it goes back to the install button. Any help? Thanks in advance.

You might try testing whether dpkg is properly handling the file, first. It may be due to missing dependencies. Most often, when a .deb package fails, it is because it is an old and not updated package.
Recommend getting .deb files from

Open a terminal in the folder that contains the .deb file you wish to install. Then enter

sudo dpkg -i PACKAGE-NAME.deb

replacing “PACKAGE-NAME” with the actual package name ( I usually click rename, then copy it, paste it into terminal to avoid typoes).
Hit enter and watch for installation or for errors.
If it lists missing dependencies, you can try installing the first listed dependency, with “sudo apt-get install PACKAGE-NAME” and then running

sudo apt --fix-broken install

I found out the reason why.
The reason was i was downloading amd64 deb packages when i’m supposed to download i386 packages, stupid me

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