Debia? Sure it's not debian?

Should we install that highlighted update even if its name is debia instead of debian :thinking:?

It looks like a Typo in the description
@AZorin how should this be reported?


Tagging @AZorin and @zorink to note a typo in the patch path (Though they didn't write it... perhaps it can work its way up the chain).

I would suggest installing the updates anyway, since you still can make use of the rest.


Alright, if you say it's safe I'll install it, I hope that then the system won't start being unstable, we all know what a simple misplaced character can do on the wrong place :computer: :boom: :laughing:. I wasn't sure because debia is written on an installation path, not a common title or description, and I thought that it was like deleting a character from a Windows registry key :scream:.

It's only a path to the folder to where the update is, you can name the path/folder anything you want it has zero affect on what's inside the folder.

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After looking through the patches in this package's source code, it appears that the package maintainer only made this typo in the changelog.

I can confirm that this shouldn't affect the stability of the package, and would recommend installing the update as normal.


The path needs to be correct, however, for the files to make it to their intended location.
I have made this mistake on debian packages, too. The result was anticlimactic... the .deb simply didn't install.

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Correct, but that has zero affect on what's in the folder. You can name the path whatever you want was my point in regards to the other comment.

Looking at the update path, the folder if even misnamed still had the update in it.

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