Debloating ZorinOS 17

Today I have installed ZorinOS Core 17 into my 7 years old desktop and it's running ok so far. However the problem is with the disks space mostly. ZORIN Core 17 don't give any minimal install option like Pro version and simply install a lot of stuff including multimedia apps. I have removed (apt remove --purge) many apps i don't require including multimedia and some utilities apps. Still the system takes 15-16 GB of space (i have installed 2 flatpak apps only, also cleaned temporarily files, cache, cookies With Bleachbit), my HDD is 80 GB only.
is there any way to cut down the space taken by the Zorin system more?
I think Zorin Core should also include a minimal install option or give option of which apps to install during installation. System size was around 13 GB right after installation!

What file system are you using? It may be snapshots... if so, do a backup (or preferably clone the drive to an external drive), then clear the snapshots.

Then list the installed package sizes and determine which you don't need, and sudo apt purge them (if you see it trying to uninstall any dependencies that have 'Gnome' or 'Zorin' in the name, cancel the process, as continuing will likely bork your install).

aptitude search "~i" --display-format "%p %I" --sort installsize

If you want to list all packages and all their dependencies and reverse dependencies:

for packages in $(sudo apt list --installed 2>/dev/null | awk -F '/' '{if (NR!=1) print $1}'); do sudo apt-cache depends $packages; sudo apt-cache rdepends $packages; done
--or (if you want the list saved to a file)--
for packages in $(sudo apt list --installed 2>/dev/null | awk -F '/' '{if (NR!=1) print $1}'); do sudo apt-cache depends $packages | tee -a /home/$USER/Desktop/dep.txt; sudo apt-cache rdepends $packages | tee -a /home/$USER/Desktop/dep.txt; echo '-------------------------' | tee -a /home/$USER/Desktop/dep.txt; done
... but keep in mind it's going to be a long list and may take a bit to run.

This does not quite add up to me.
Zorin OS Pro does not even take up 15-20 gigs.
Core would take up less than 8 gigs.

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I am using ext4 file system, so how to find if there's any snapshot?

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