Decades using Windows trying Linux

I have been a Windows user for more than 20 years. Trying to switch to Linux but having a difficult time doing some of the things I am accustomed to in Windows.

For one installation of some programs is a bit more difficult it is not as straightforward as downloading something & installing it like on Windows.

Trying to set up a movie media server took me into a lot of commands needed to be input into terminal and modification of certain files and scripts to just enable file sharing... on a folder it Became very difficult and cumbersome for me.

Even trying to get NTFS partitions to be read/write in Linux took me through a lot of coding using terminal and at the end of the day it still didn't work.

I'm currently running Linux mint cinnamon. I tried zorin OS for a very small period of time I'm just wondering if zarin OS is by chance in terms of installation of applications and customizing settings like folder sharing etc Is it easier in zorin than in mint.

What advice would you give for someone who is getting into Linux I have an IT background I did computer, programming but it's still a bit difficult to get around to get things done using Linux which was just a few clicks in windows.

I would definitely recommend Zorin OS light, like you I was new to Linux but the learning curve in Zorin is easier than any other Linux distro I have tried, I would recommend "Timeshift" so if it all goes wrong you can restore it a bit like "system restore" in windows, good luck and enjoy, PS some great help and advice on here. Timeshift

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It’s like learning anything new. There will be differences and a learning curve. Zorin and Mint are solid distributions for new or experienced Linux users. Just watch some videos on YouTube and ask questions like here. If you are not certain about terminal commands, don’t use them. Terminal commands are final with no going back. You need to understand what the command is doing and the syntax. A simple command can erase your entire desktop or do more harm. Zorin makes things relatively easier/safer with a good graphic user interface and their forum is good to find help. You might make some mistakes so I recommend leaning on a non-critical system and make sure your critical files/data are backed up somewhere not associated with your Linux installation. Some people will have an easier time with Linux depending their computer experience and the distribution they use. Make sure you understand that some terminal commands you find online might not be for Ubuntu based distributions. Learn about the differences between Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch distributions which all have different terminal commands. Also, learn about the different desktop environments like GNOME, KDE Plasma, Xfce, Cinnamon, MATE, and LXqt to name a few. Definitely stick with Zorin or Mint which are mature and well developed distributions. Good luck! :v:


I have moved this to the category of "Chat about Zorin" in order to most apply to your O.P.

I find installation of packages on Zorin OS (and GnuLinux in general) to be on par with installing packages on Windows OS.

On Windows OS, you get an .exe package that is run as a Self Installer for software.
On Zorin OS, you get a .deb package, which is a self installer for software.

On Windows OS, some packages do not come with a Self Installer and must be installed using the cmd prompt and ninja. Others needed to be sourced. And this is true on Zorin OS or GnuLinux, where we use Ninja or Pip or another package handler or install from source.

Zorin OS comes with SMB and NTFS-3G already installed. But while that helps, you still may need to do additional configuring.

Your biggest resource is to use the General Help section of this forum for anything that is sticky or needs more attention. We will be happy to help resolve issues.


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