Deepin Desktop Environment on Zorin... ZorinDDE

Deepin has been said to be the most beautiful desktop environment, and Ubuntu is working toward making it part of the official flavor.

For those who like to customize, I ran across this... Ubuntu Deepin Desktop Environment (UbuntuDDE):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntudde-dev/stable
sudo apt install ubuntudde-dde

Once it's installed, apparently you have to log out or reboot, then choose the session manager (choose lightdm for Deepin).

I haven't tried it, as I like my desktop just as plain and utilitarian as can be, but it might open new avenues of customization for those who are into that sort of thing.


Just went ahead to give it a quick try but I got this error message after running the install:

Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

But after logging out and back in, it worked. Not bad, although it's not very appealing to me personally. For some reason, the default font color is red?

I did run into another issue when I logged out, where I was left with just a black TTY but it wouldn't react to any commands, so I had to force it to shutdown. Maybe it's because it's a virtual machine? In any case, I took a snapshot first and I rolled it back to default Zorin Core.

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Plus it is Chinese software, not that I am paranoid! :rofl:


The Desktop environment is different than the OS environment . The Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE), which can be used on other distributions like Zorin or any other distro , is considered safe. These versions of DDE are community-audited and are separate from the core Deepin OS, alleviating some concerns about the tracking features integral to Deepin OS.

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Probably said by those who never encountered Zorin. :sunglasses: Honestly, I have yet to see a more beautiful and clear desktop environment.

But if preferred, why not just go for UbuntuDDE directly instead of taking out what makes Zorin Zorin? :thinking:

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I think it's good to be a bit paranoid - especially when it comes to China.


Well, I do like Plasma. I have been creating the unofficial manual for 17 Core in a VM on KDE neonuser. And whilst I had been using a VM of 17 Beta in 17 Beta using Shutter for screenshots, Spectacle beats even Shutter. I was having issues with Shutter when preparing the Beta manual but that can be laid down to the fact that I had a failing hard drive. However, that said, using Spectacle in KDE neonuser to take screenshots of the VM of 17 Core I would use the 'rectangle' tool and if doing consecutive screenshots, Spectacle remembers the last choice made and even before a shot is taken, toolbar opens with toolbar to be able to select 'copy'. Saved me a lot of time!

KDE Neon desktop:

This is Plasma 5.27. I intend to do a guide to Plasma 5.18 that can be installed to Zorin 17. :sunglasses:

Wink Motorcycle GIF by LINDSAY ANNETTE

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Is the Z-Symbole on the Helment form this young Lady Intention or only Coincidence?

Coincidence! Hence my choice!

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I like that. Funny Detail.