Deepin Linux 23 - beta 2 (intern testing)

Here we go again. This time I have been fooling around with Deepin 23 - beta 2 (intern testing).
One immediately downside of Deepin is it doesn't exist as a live version, so you have to cross your fingers that it work. So far Deepin havn't let me down while doing a full installation.
The installation software is quiet simple and very colorful and easy to use.
The beta version don't offer much in their app store, but will be populated when near release, so I had to use Flathub via terminal to install things like Steam etc.
Deepin OS comes with a lot of their own software which seems very well put together. I'm impressed!
When Deepin starts from a hard boot it consume under 1GB RAM which is also impressive, but again Deepin is based on Debian 12 and uses QT6 engine - so things seems optimized.

The file browser is the best browser I have yet used (including Dolphin and nemo)

Despite it's a beta version, it's quiet stable - few quarks here and there, but I'm sure they ironing them out.
Deepin customization is far and less worse than KDE and XFCE and Gnome with the right extensions, but what it do it do it great.

In user friendliness the Deepin beta from 1 to 10 it gets 8 :slight_smile:


Deepin is great ( design) . I used it before, but I dont like it.
If you want something different, Budgie is better.. or even Cinnamon :smiley:


You make everything better @Storm :wink:
I tested Deepin v23 several weeks ago, I had problem with shutting down the system, It has 5 minutes delay to completely turned system off.
And the Music app couldn't handle my collection.
Today I tested UbuntuDDE it is not perfect at all.
How was your experience with Deepin?

I use the system for image/picture editing/manipulations and games and spotify. It handle it well. The file browser is one I can envy not having under my Gnome.

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