Default first day of the week change

How to change the first day of the week? GitLab's settings detected Sunday as system default but it must be Monday. Of course I set everything to Italian on Settings.

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I think this one will help you:


Technically, Sunday IS the first day of the week - we have only made it Monday because it is the first day of the WORKING week, which are not weeks as we know it Jim! :wink:


It's not a serious issue, just wanted to set Monday as first day of the week for my habit of customizing the most possible. I could set Monday from the drop-down menu but when I read System default (Sunday) I thought that the system had a wrong perception of time. Now let's see if my mind can handle that guide…

Here! This should help.

sudo nano /etc/default/locale

and then replace it with


This should do the trick.

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try here,

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You may need to clear cookies.

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Just for that website? Then I opened it for the first time ever, clearing cookies shouldn't mean that the page will detect the week first day correctly. By what I know the page should be able to detect it in any case. But now I wonder if Settings developers forgot to set that Italian first day of the week is Monday :date::mag::face_with_monocle:. As I set Italian isn't it better this way :point_down:?


By what I see it looks already fine though.

Thanks for telling the command to display this output, now I have better info.

I was told that GitLab first day detection is done on their own servers, not on my own system, so case closed, thanks for participating :saluting_face::+1:.

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