Default "open with" applicatio

My icons on my desktop are showing as text files and when I click to open them they open in notepad. How do I fix this?

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This is a security issue built into Gnome DE. Right-click the icons and select properties then go to permissions tab and allow to be executable.

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I've done that it doesn't help.

Using Right Click - do you see either
open with

In Properties, you should be able to set the application to open the file with as default - choose the application that you prefer.


I see Open with another application on context menu and Open with on file properties, but when I set the preinstalled application to open a document it returns to ImageMagick by itself, is it a bug or ImageMagick is invasive? I encountered 2 serious problems with ImageMagick, the first was (and still is) that drawing a shape (I usually highlight some pieces of screenshots with rectangles) it shows the preview of the shape position with a significant delay and then sometimes ImageMagick freezes with no apparent reason and I have to force-close it losing my edits. I'm tempted to uninstall it, in case it's safe to do so.

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