Define startup sequence with delays between each step?

Hello, I'm using a VPN application with killswitch activated that prevents any traffic when not connected to a VPN.
However, in my startup, several apps are included that require internet access and thus complain shortly that they can't connect. They quickly recover, and it's not critical, but a little annoying. :slight_smile:
Is there maybe a way to tell Zorin to first launch one app (the VPN), then wait 2-3 seconds before starting anything else? :slight_smile:

Hello endolexis
If you used the Startprogram to add your programs to the autostart, the .desktop files for each program are stored in '/home/xxxx/.config/autostart/'.
You can edit these files and add the parameter
at the end of the file. Change the value 60 (wait time in seconds) to a time longer then your VPN software needs to start.
This worked for me start thunderbird with a delay.


Thanks, that'll do the trick!! :slight_smile: