I use SSD and HDD. System is installed on SSD and HDD I use as home for files. Both disks are formated as EXT4. Do you as Zorin users defrag your disks?

Which software do you use?

There really is no need to defrag on Linux. There are apps available that claim to do so, but they are not useful unless you wish to organize Blocks of data for some immediate purpose.
Windows writes to the drive based on First Available Space. Linux looks at the size of a file, then allocates the right space for it, with room to grow. If the file outgrows its space (which would cause it to become fragmented, the entire file is then Moved to a New Allocated space with a larger size and room to grow.


With ext4, you shouldn't worry about defragging. If you want better speed or are using a very large partition (like 14TB), you can use XFS and it has a defrag if you really need it.

If things are getting slow with your ext4, you can do a full system backup and restore and it should write the files back out as defragged/contiguous.

PROTIP: you can use ' fsarchiver ' to do a full bare-metal backup and restore on-the-fly ext4 convert to XFS, and vice versa. Don't forget to change the root filesystem type in /etc/fstab before rebooting, but this is for advanced users.

It also helps to have a ' super grub disk ' ISO or thumbdrive handy in case you need to Just Boot into your freshly reinstalled system and reinstall GRUB.