Delay frequent authentication torture ritual

OK so i dont want to be castigated for disliking the [too] frequent authy nag - but can i get a few good yt videos in before i have to submit to this dehumanising ritual over & over & over & over again?

can i delay it?...please advise

Are you talking abou Google asking you to login or are you getting weird authentication requests from the system?

thank you for replying - i meant this:

Sorry i uploaded wrong picture earlier

So, your saying that you have to continuously re-authenticate your wifi connection?

Maybe a photo of the authentication screen, the next time it pops up, would help us understand what is going on.

Sorry i uploaded wrong picture earlier
not wifi connection - the system authentication

When does it occurs?
Note it may happens if you're using chrome and autologin.

Sorry my mistake wrong topic :sob:

i use brave but its the OS itself, the techtronix guy installed zorin and set password (not me)
the timer which requires reentry all the time is like 5mins and i cant change it its destroying the quality of my experience

If you paid for this service I would complain to techtronix and have them reinstall the system but backup any critical data in your /home folder first.

If you want to access your PC fast :-

go to settings<user settings click change in front of password then authenticate with your pass code, then click on the Dialogue Box referring "do not ask password on login" and also change your pass code to a simpler one like 0000 :smile:


Hi! i dont have "settings" or "user" i have this:

nothing in the > next menu says password

I can see settings as the third item above where your cursor is in the picture you posted. That is the settings you are supposed to click on. It's right above system.

Use th start menu:-

then settings:-

then user and groups!


thank you ive done it now - too early to know what effect it has had and btw i lost the start button yesterday for some unknown reason i dont have the bottom panel anymore any advice welcome


I hope this gave you the solution you needed :smiley:


thanx it doesnt always work thou it reverts back but generally speaking it didi do it


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