Delete windows 10 from dual boot

Hi, How can I delete windows from dual boot?

I just want to use linux!

just enter BIOS and delete boot entry for Windows and boot to linux to format the C partition to use with linux for storage or others

Some UEFI won't allow you to delete the Windows boot entry (or change it to default to 'Ubuntu' for Zorin OS) until you zero the partition holding the Windows installation... my HP 17-cp1035cl machine was like that, which caused no end of consternation while first attempting to get Zorin OS installed.

So, if you run into that, zero the partition that windows is on. Let's say Windows is on /dev/sdb1:
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb1 bs=512 status=progress

Before you do that, though... if you want to save your Windows installation to another drive, just in case you want to revert back to Windows without having to go through the entire installation routine... let's say Windows is installed on /dev/sdb and you want to back it up to /dev/sdg:
sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdg bs=512 status=progress

That'll back up the entire drive /dev/sdb to the drive /dev/sdg.

You can also do specific partitions, just use /dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2, etc.

Then, to revert back to Windows:
sudo dd if=/dev/sdg of=/dev/sdb bs=512 status=progress

Look at my prior posts if you want to archive the Windows installation to a zipped .img.7z file. If you wanted to revert back to Windows, you'd extract the .img file from the .img.7z file, then use the Disks application to write it back to the drive of your choice.

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For system backup I find rescuezilla the easiest method:

Perhaps it would hep if Praveen provided screenshots of the BIOS page with Boot options and make model of computer/motherboard.
Also if it is a new machine with an Intel Pluton processor or Pluton chipped AMD then no chance.

Hi, just wondering if I can just delete window partition?

@swarfendor437 how can I check if it's pluton processor?

It's AMD e2 9000 ig

I just want to delete windows completely from dual boot and clone my linux to my new ssd

How can you please tell me how to delete it.

In bios boot options I can just rearrange the options.

I don't think that I can delete it

Have checked spec and it isn't pluton chipped.

Can you change uefi to legacy?

I really don't remember why but when installing linux.

I remember that I was told to keep it to uefi.

M$ doesn't like some things changed on their OS. So, if you had any updates in windows since you installed Zorin, you may have to check Before you install - #2 by 337harvey and ensure windows fast boot and hibernation are off. This usually releases any locks that are on the drive. Use gparted in the live image (rescuezilla or Zorin) to remove the windows partition and reassign the unallocated space, giving it to the Zorin partition. If Zorin partition is damaged, restore from rescuezilla.

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Hi, after deleting the partition of windows

Can I just clone the hdd to SSD and replace the Hdd with SSD

Will it work?

You can but try!

Yes, that should work fine. I'm sorry, I had missed that you wanted to switch drives.

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