Deleted home folder

Uh oh
So finally when i fixed snapd errors, i accidentally removed my home folder (don't even ask how) and don't know how to recover it or at least how to make a new user

I hate my life please help

You uh... You will need to reinstall Zorin OS...


you are kidding

I am sorry to say this but @Aravisian is correct.

A while ago my husband had to reinstall his MXLinux when he accidentally created duplicate desktops (Desktop and Bureau) when he tried to change the language of his system.

It seems to me this HOME folder is extremely difficult to regenerate or delete if not impossible.

How do you even delete your home folder ??? i just checked in my linux installation and i can't even delete it. There is no option

Respect the privacy of @Silentdoss :wink:

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I would not joke about that.

If you lost Personal Files; you may try mounting the drive on a different working computer and using something like DiskDigger to perform file recovery for photos or documents.
But recovering the entire home folder? No, that would be a very risky move.


Just a question,
if I've created 2+ users before the disaster, I wouldn't need to reinstall Zorin os right? Just switch to the other users.

Question: Did you back up your users /home folders using Backup utility provided with ZorinOS (i.e. deja-dup)?


A user still needs to be listed in the Sudoers file.

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I think yeah, but I've already reinstalled Zorin os, so it's too late i guess

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Backing up yuor personal files can be placed on a USB or External Hard drive or on another partition on your drive. This means that even after reinstall, you do not lose your personal files.
I Personally do not use Duplicity (DejaDup) as I prefe ran easier and faster method.
@Frenchpress advocates another method: Rescuezilla...

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Rescuezilla makes the entire disc image so that you can easily recover from a catastrophe. Having the disk image, you can avoid reinstallation from scratch.

For the personal data, I do the same as @Aravisian.
I have an external SSD where I copy anything I created a new or modified on a daily basis.


And not to forget be careful with using sudo. Happened to me twice.

Used a command to delete a folder with all it's sub folders and files; sudo rm -rf *.

Went to my home folder, used the up arrow to recall some commands but accidentally recalled that previous remove/delete command as sudo, hit the enter to fast and yes --- All gone. Had to reinstall my system.

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Should I divulge how I managed to dd my data drive by giving a wrong path in the command.

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Guess there are more ways, but please tell so we don't make that mistake also.


It was very simple.
I confused sdb with sdd :sweat_smile:
Always run
just before issuing dd was my lesson.

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