Deleting an app (not from store)

Hi there,

I installed freefilesync but I do not need it any more (FreeFileSync)

How can I delete it? It was not installed by the store therefore I can not delete it easily.

Which commands did you use to install it?

Also, check your /opt directory for odd installs for an uninstall file.

Or use the app synaptic

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It was a .tar file with an file in it. I do not find it in the synaptic app either :confused:

Open terminal and cd to the path location that has the file in it.
Then, run:

make uninstall

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I installed some games from other sources and if I have to remove any I just open the main directory, search the game name and remove any result.

I do not have the files. I deleted them :frowning:

Oh damn. I just searched for it and found a folder called "opt". There was an uninstall script in the programms folder.


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