Deleting/Removing hidden/protected partitions

Added 2TB ssd (sdb) that had previously been used for Zorin install;
The only Partition I see, or format/delete shows a size of "1.82 TiB"
suspect cannot see/edit "protected" or "hidden" partition.
Either via "Disks" app or Gparted. Intend to format as internal Linux drive...
completely "wiped"... no data to be saved on this drive. (i.e. no "sdb1, 2, etc. just sdb Ext4)
thank you,

Use GPARTED to remove all the partitions and create new ones if needed. These links might provide more insight.

The 2TB ... Do You see that Number in the System? Or stands that only on the Note at the SSD?

Ok, "lvremove":
the dialogue would be: "sudo apt lvremove"
(How to remove the "key" icon in gparted.)
Within included Disks app, Lower-right corner "-" (minus) is available for the 1.82TiB partition... the other FAT partition(s), one at the leading end, the second, at the "back" minus symbol available.
Others have recommended changing "dock" settings in Settings/Appearance...
Zorin 17 Ubuntu 22.04, only has:
Background (roughly where "Appearance" should be)
etc. etc.
tried "background": only option is desktop background gives lists of Feature/Advantage/Benefit... cannot find "how to"
Really not too nuts about the thumbdrive/gparted-live/Balena Etcher route... should be considerably simpler

OK... bumbled my way through, with Disks app; (no gparted?)
selected "first" FAT partition(sdb2)> delete, then formatted to Ext4...
thereby making the aforementioned red "-" Minus symbol available,
wash/rinse/repeat for the second partition (sdb3)
again, for the whole drive sdb... 2.0TB!!

Aside: Lenovo, at least for ThinkStations (kinda-sorta industrial-grade PCs),
was kind enough to include SecureErase in their BIOS setup...
A bit clumsy, but... drives need to be first password protected in BIOS, before securely erasing... umm... ok...
pretty much obliterates everything on the drive;
nvme quicker than you can say: "lickety-split"...
2 TB SSD took about 20 minutes.

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