Dell D3000 DisplayLink Support

Hi There, I have recently installed Zorin OS Pro on a DELL E5440. Can you please advise whether Multiple Monitors are supported or not.

If not? Is there a possibility that it will be done in the future.

Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated


Welcome! :smile:

I'm assuming 'DisplayLink' means Display Port?

And absolutely, multiple displays are supported for sure. I have a portable Thunderbolt monitor for when space runs out on one screen.

I see a few options for that model laptop though; do you know what graphics card / HW setup you're using? sudo lshw -C video in terminal will show GPU details. You can screenshot or copy / paste what comes out with that command.

Also, might sound trivial but, have you checked 'Displays' in Settings? Might be set to 'single display'. If nothing is showing there in display settings - might need a driver.

Apologies for any confusion. I posted that I solved the issue previously but must have deleted it accidentally.

I did mean DisplayLink. I actually solved the issue that I was having by following link after downloading the file.

All good; case closed.


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