Dell Latitude D630 Wifi LED indicator constant flashing

I installed the latest Zorin Core on a Dell Latitude D630 laptop. The wifi is working, but there is an LED indicator near the hinge that blinks CONSTANTLY. I've played around with other OS's on this laptop, and for all the others, the LED just stays lit solid (After the drivers load). It's annoying as hell to keep seeing this LED blink. I looked for settings for the Wifi adapter, and could only find where to manage the WiFi networks, not the adapter itself. It's annoying enough that I am going to uninstall this OS. Any advice would be appreciated.

Would you provide the output of the command sudo lshw -C Network? This will provide information about your network card that can help us troubleshoot the problem.

If the card is not an Intel or Atheros card, there are no options to change this behavior. Once you post the requested output, I can provide a solution...if one is available.

Which other distros have you tried??

I know for some of my BCM43xx equipped devices, Mint usually works OOB after installing the additional support in Software & Updates / Additional Drivers. I tried looking up that WiFi card - seems to be labeled a 'Dell Wireless' something or the other..

If you could post the output from lshw -C as @337harvey suggests - and also, an lspci output to see a HW identifier. That can help pinpoint what version of hardware you're using.