Dell Latitude e7270 Drivers

Hello everbody I have Dell Latitude e7270 -- I have found at Dell's official page this (but it's for Ubuntu 14.04): . Is it safe to install them on newest Zorin? Or there is another way around? I guess it should flow like a charm cause Zorin is based upon Ubuntu? THANK YOU ALL!

Zorin 16 is based on Ubuntu 20. Because of this, no, it's not recommended to use those drivers. Do a search based on Ubuntu 20.

What are you trying to install drivers for? What isn't working and what features don't work?

Thanks for the swift response; I see that my Intel HD graphic drivers are installed, but laptop that arrived came with Realtek... now, not sure If I need it -- everything runs extremely well: no lagging: great. I installed "minimal version" simply because I don't need all the programs, I use Obsidian for writing, installed Virtual Machine that I need, and will step by step install various software. Just one last question: I would like to install some "themes" -- layouts are great, but not sure how to do it: I search and found Gnome tweaks, does that work smooth with Zorin OS? Thank you.

Yes, Gnome Tweaks works perfectly fine on Zorin OS Core.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. :wink:

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