Desktop and mouse

2 Questions:

  1. How can I add desktop
    Icons to the desktop? When I try to add the icon to the desktop, it puts it in a weird folder abs I can’t find it.

  2. How can I change the style, color, and type of mouse pointer?

From the Zorin App Menu, please click Settings
Navigate to Mouse And Touchpad
Click the Theme tab

Here you can select any theme currently on your system. It comes with basic mouse themes - but you can add any X11 cursor you like. I usually download mine from DeviantArt or Pling.
Search X11 cursors and grab any that tickle your senses.
Once you have one you like, extract it to /usr/share/icons
Or you can create a folder in your Home Folder and name it .icons and extract it there. This way, you do not need to Password into Root.
Then open the Mouse and Touchpad settings > themes and select it.

Back to the Settings Panel - now select Desktop
Click the third tab: Icons
Here you can set the type, size and default desktop icons.
You can also right click the desktop and create a launcher on the desktop to customize to launch an application you choose.

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You might like to add KDE to your Zorin install - then you can select a 'cursor theme' in KDE (Plasma):

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