Desktop Bug?

Hi there. I'm new to this forum.
Sometimes when i use Zorin for quite long time (or much tasks), when i go to Desktop (by using Super+D), sometimes the window that i work with still appear on the screen when it's actually already on Desktop (i can Select area like on Desktop but the window still appear). Sorry i dont have the screenshot, but maybe I'll screenshot it when it occurs again.

To overcome this i ususally use Alt+F2 then type r

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You mean that the window is opened again on the desktop immediately after seeing the desktop or the window seems to be “printed” on the screen? Or something else? For now, by what I can say with my own experience, it can be that you opened a software and, after reaching the desktop, the software seemed to open again because it finished loading its own window. For example, I can run Telegram and feel that's not running because I don't see its window, in the meanwhile I can open anything else and after some seconds I can finally see it appear over all other software. Another thing that it can be is the action to click, that can be checked in Taskbar Settings, so right-click the taskbar > Taskbar Settings > Actions. I suspect that a system configuration is changing the focus.

Maybe a short video would be better if possible, a screenshot may not show the issue completely or enough good to understand the process.

I just screenshot it, no video. So, i pressed Super+D (show desktop) and the app still displayed but maybe actually it is already on desktop since i can do the "Select" thing.
Btw this issue is more common when i still on my older laptop. When i changed to new laptop, the isssue is very rarely occurs.

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This looks very similar to this:

As I said in that other thread, I don't know how this could happen by accident but it looks like exactly like when you try to snap two windows to the screen edges, side by side.

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Yes, @zaidan, as zenzen says whenever you drag the cursor outside the left or right edge of the screen you'll set the window on the corresponding half. Same for the top edge, that maximize. The fact that the window is still visible despite wanting to show the desktop may be an incorrect configuration. I tried showing the desktop with Firefox on a half but I couldn't reproduce your same problem.

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