Desktop icon messy after rebooting

Hello, all folders from home come out into desktop icons after the previous reboot crashes because the capacity of RAM and Linux-swap suddenly full and suddenly gnome-shell consumes all the capacity of RAM and Linux-Swap.
When I delete all the icons on the desktop, all folders on the home are deleted all to the trash.
I tried to disable the desktop icon it worked but when I activated the desktop icon again appeared.
what should I do? thank you.

Der_Panzer, please remind: How much RAM do you have installed?
What is the Swap File size and how much swappiness is set?

6 GB RAM was used 5.8 GB and Linux-Swap 12 GB was used about 9 GB. Previously not used that much.

You have plenty of RAM. Have you checked for memory leak?

I see the average usage of RAM in standby is around 2.4 GB. before I rebooted because of the crash, I saw that gnome-shell was consuming about 4GB of ram. it's a strange thing. I usually see, gnome-shell consumes around 100-200 MB only. after rebooting, the desktop icon of the Home appears.

back to normal after reinstall zorin :slightly_smiling_face: . I'm still confused about what to do when it happened again. :thinking:

Try alt+F2
Enter in r and hit the enter key to restart Gnome-Shell.

i will try it when crash happens again. hope it doesn't happen again. thanks for the help. :slightly_smiling_face: :smile:

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