Desktop Icon Text Color Change


Is there a way to change the desktop icon text color? Right now I'm running Zorin OS 16 Pro. The entire ZorinBlue-Dark theme uses a pale light blue text color except for the desktop icon text color, that text color is white. Is there a way to change the desktop icon text color to the pale light blue color? Is there a .CSS file to edit for this?

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In that theme, in the gnome-shell folder is a gnome-shell.csss file.
I would need to open it to check the actual classes and properties...
But the First thing you will want to do is open File Manager as Root.
Navigate to /usr/share/themes/ and grab a copy of the theme you use.
Paste it in ~/.themes (make the .themes folder in home if you need to) and once copied over, change the permissions to your account ownership, recursively.
This way, you can safely edit the file without having a means of recovery. You also can edit it repeatedly without having to elevate to root each time.
Change the Theme Folder name from Zorinblue-dark to something else that can distinguish it from the original in root.

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