Desktop icons keep moving around when undocking / docking


I run zorinOS (ubuntu) on, my laptop and i frequently dock it to use it with my 2 external screens.

I use desktop icons and folders alot, now my problem is whenever i put them in place when my laptpp is docked and i undocl it on my laptpp screen they are all in a different position (this happens vice versa too).

My laptop screen has a different aspect ratio and resolution (square screen) compared to my rectangular exteral screens.

In windows they do stay in the same place, how do i do this in linux?

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Try the first 2 options in Arrange for… in the desktop context menu. Also, it might be a problem with fractional scaling (Settings > Screens), but I don't know it for sure as I don't use it.

I tried both those things, I turned fractional scaling off but it still doesn't work.

I found a solution to my problem (sorta).

I reenabled "Fractional scaling" and set it to 150% this places 95% of the desktop icons in the right place.

Some of them still move due to not enough space in that certain row. I can live with that since they will still be on the same side of the desktop (so I can easly click on them by muscle memory). And 75% of the time in using my external screens.

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