Desktop icons

I was looking in settings and can not find option to change the desktop icons. Zorin 16.2 pro Is there option to replace them. Using win layout. The trash icon is just ugly.

You want to change the icon theme of the system?

Theme icons. I am not that smart to change system icons. Set of Oxygen icons would be nice.

Usually you head over at and download icon theme, but Oxygen is a KDE icon theme. I don't know if it works in Gnome. You could try;

sudo apt install oxygen-icon-theme

In Zorin Appearance, go to theme -> Other -> Icons

Thanks. I installed and change to Oxygen. The Home icon still butt ugly.

I'm making unified icons, you may try one of these instead;

Make a folder called .icons in your home folder and set your file-browser to see hidden files. Unpack them into .icons. Note; Make sure they aren't in double folder, or else they won't show up.


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