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Searching if items on desktop slow down the PC I found different answers, like absolutely not, only certain file types and only if it's fulfilled. Now all I know is that I don't know what to think :person_shrugging:.

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Honestly, it's really about personal preference. I've seen little difference in general performance between the two. Though, I did notice longer loading times on start-up when my desktop was cluttered. But that's all.

Keep your desktop how you like it. What works for you is ultimately the best. I'm sure others will have different opinions... but you know what they say about opinions, lol.


Which items? Shortcuts?

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Yes, I usually place shortcuts rather than files.

Shouldn't have any affect on the performance. Well if you're running an old Pentium 3 it might :sweat_smile:

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Mine is an AMD® V140 processor.

And how much RAM? Just done a search for that and it is a 2.4 GHz CPU. My wife has an AMD Athlon 64 single core 2.1 GHz, with maxed out RAM at 2 Gb on an MSI board from 2006. Can only run MX-Linux 'wildflower' xfce on it. Any heavier desktop won't install or runs very slowly. Had FerenOS on it before it became too clunky and had to opt for MX-Linux.

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5,5 GB. I'd have 6 GB but maybe a RAM card reader is damaged because whichever RAM card I plug it never reach 6 GB :person_facepalming:.

That is usually because part of the RAM will be allocated to onboard Graphics.

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Yes, if it wasn't a damage I was thinking of something like that, thanks.

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