Desktop link do not run AppImage

Hi all! :slight_smile:
Running 15.2 Ultimate and have Cura 4.7.0 in my “Documents” folder. Made a link to it from the desktop but it does not run when doubleklicked nor RMB > “Run”. I have set it to “allow to run” but it has had no effect.

Ideas? Does the running of AppImages require some additional tweaking?
Along the lines of: $ chmod a+x AppName.AppImage* ??
Then I’d expect to see that covered by the link settings (“allow to run”-ish)
rather than having to force it with a command (even if minimal).

If the latest Cura was available in “Software” then I’d do that but I realize it’s a massive undertaking just to stay up to date.

If AppImage is here to stay it would be helpful with a note on it at

Many thanks in advance! :smiley:

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Yes, you could try:

chmod ug+x Cura-4.7.0.AppImage

Noob rube here. I would like to know generally where to install AppImage files. They don’t show up in the “Software” area even if they are installed. Sometimes I need to find them to do an update and I never know for sure where to look. Specifically at the moment I am wondering about the pCloud sync client which is an AppImage. When I first installed it where should it have be located? Thanks.

Anywhere you want, really. I made a Folder in my Home Directory for them.

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