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Installed Zorin Core16 a few days ago and its impressive! Zorin newbie, migrated from being a long time windows user. it wouldnt recognise my ssd drive so i reinstalled my old 5400rpm back in laptop. Zorin runs faster than windows did on an ssd drive!

Anyway to my question. i want a simple shortcut to thunderbird. unpacked it to downloads folder. i create a shortcut on desktop but when i click on it comes up a message saying run in terminal, show, cancel or execute. none of the buttons do anything. Ive tried the links on the page here but it doesnt work. is there a way to do this? If i go to downloads folder/thunderbird/exe it runs fine every time but its a ballache


It sounds like you did NOT use the software store to install Thunderbird. I have Thunderbird on both my Linux machines running Zorin. I used the software store to install it. Then it will automatically install it and add it to your programs list which comes up when you click on the Zorin logo at the bottom of your screen. You might want to uninstall Thunderbird and reinstall it using the software store. You get to it by clicking on the little icon that looks like a shopping bag at the bottom of your screen. If you don't see it in the software store you can do a search for it there and it will come up.

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I have installed the thunderbird .deb package from the official mozilla site. Follow these steps and your good to go.

  1. Go to files (file manager), press ctrl + h
  2. Locate ~/.local/share/applications/
  3. Copy one of the .desktop files and past it there, rename it to thunderbird.desktop
  4. Open the thunderbird.desktop file and look below how it should look like.

[Desktop Entry]

Change the Exec= and Icon= path file to your path, where you installed/extracted thunderbird.

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Thank you. It worked perfectly from the store. i then deleted the app and compressed file from folder :slight_smile:

You are welcome David. Please mark my post that helped you as the solution. That will let others know this thread has been solved. I have only been using Zorin for a few months now but I have really come to appreciate how easy most things are to do using Zorin.

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