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I had just opened your Screenshot and was reading the lines when this edit popped up.

Yes... Flatpak packages are double sandboxed meaning that Snap or Flatpaks cannot see or interact with the system. Flatseal can be used to assign permissions on Flatpaks; though using the Standard APT .deb packages may be a lot easier.

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YES! Flatseal seems to do the trick! Man, I wish I knew about that 2 weeks ago! lol
As for the "standard apt .deb packages" can you elaborate a bit on that?

Thank you so much for all your help. This forum is by far the friendliest, most helpful forum I've found for Linux. I'm really glad I went with ZorinOS =)

Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu which is based on Debian.
The standard in Debian is APT - Advanced Package Tool. APT is the server - and it supplies .deb format packages. On your local computer, you use apt (all lowercase) which is the package manager for APT.
The vast majority of software you install is through APT and they are .deb package format.

Flatpak and Snap are alternative package management systems.

yeah makes sense. I've obviously had to use apt a fair bit, just for installs and updates, etc.
So like, how does one know what to type in?
I mean, the whole sudo apt install, apt update, apt get, I think I understand. But like, lets say I wanted to install Kega Fusion.
How would I know what to type in? 'Sudo apt install Kega Fusion' has a space in it. Does apt just know how to handle that?
I'm sorry if these are dumb questions. And I hope I'm not wasting too much of your time. I do look up a tonne of this stuff, but after a few months it kind of all mushes together

Each package in APT has a specific name. If you are unsure of the specific name, you can use the apt search function to correctly I.D. the package that you want.
In my terminal, I have an add-on for Z Shell (zsh) that does this for me. So if I type what I want, it offers the name suggestion based on what apt search shows as present in the repositories.

Many apps are Third- Party and are not in the Zorin or Ubuntu main repository. You must look those repositories up which will also yield the package names inevitably.

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That sounds very useful! Where would I find this add-on? How do you use it?

My own method is zsh with oh-my-zsh:

But there are others. Some like Fish:

I have found that oh-my-zsh contains a bit more than FISH does.

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Thank you once more lol :slight_smile:
I'll do some reading and go from there! You've been a great help!

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