Detailed Procedure to get all the Badges in Zorin Forum

I was trying to get some of the badges in the zorin forum but looks like that the description is not hundred percent accurate. Can I get a detailed Procedure to get all the badges and at least get a trust level 3 :wink:


I need the Procedure to, that "first share" badge is so confusing to achieve :face_exhaling:


I think they are pretty self-explanatory!

Not sure about the trust level, but suspect will be in regard posting correct answer to an issue? And how regular you are on the forum.

In respect of sharing, even someone elses post, click on the linked chain to copy and paste in another thread if it is a solution already posted, or even share via an email to someone you know.

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I am unable to understand how can we get "wiki editor" :question:


You can click on each batch to see a slightly more descriptive version.

Wiki Editor

This badge is granted the first time you edit one wiki post.

Meaning you have to edit a special type of post that is editable by any user in the forum. For example:

Are the badges important for a user as I had this question from a long time and didn't find a similar topic So, Should I bother for the Badges or not?

Absolutely not, The Badges have nothing to do with any user's recognition in the community. This Topic was just a mistake from my side during my arrival on this forum :joy::wink:

You are as free as a Bird here until you follow the following Guidelines. So in simple word's. Do Not Bother about them :smiley:

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Like game achievements, they provide a form of validation and a bit of fun. It encourages user interaction and goal setting.
But it is not important, either. You can decide how much effort you want to put into attaining them.


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