"/dev/sda clean, 313069/61822200 files, 12873287/244859136 blocks" bootloop

Everytime I start on my Lenovo G500 2013 model laptop with Zorin 16 Core install in it, the text "/dev/sda clean, 313069/61822200 files, 12873287/244859136 blocks" goes on and on until "error plymouth boot" or something appear and it keeps running over and over or bootloop. In addition, sometimes it perform this bootloop but it goes straight to the log in screen but touchpad and keyboard won't work. What should I do? I only used this for my online class.IMG_20210826_181331|375x500

Hi and welcome to the Zorin forum.

Can you please tell us more about your laptop, which graphic card you have ?
Is it Nvidia ?

It's Intel HD Graphics 4000 (IVB GT2)

I found this :

There is few steps which you can try. I never had issue like this, so don't know does it work.

Probably your issue is with system or graphics.

Did you installed something before this or your issue is from beggining ( after Zorin 16 installation) ?

I just toggle the install third graphics check in the middle of installation, then after installation, the bootloop shows.