Developers, please update timeshift

I don't know if the dev or maintainers of zorin (packages) will see this. But please update timeshift in zorin (17). It is still in version 21.09.01, which has this bug where snapshots don't get listed in the app even though they exist. Newer versions fix this.

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From doing searches, I believe the author abandoned the app and has handed the maintenance over to Linux Mint.

However, this seems to be the answer, using the teejay PPA:


yeah, it is all a bit confusing. linux mint ships with the latest version, while ubuntu, zorin and pop_os not, but with the version I mentioned. I installed timeshift with the ppa on my pop_os, from teejee2000, not from mint, and I was receiving updates. that's why I asking from the devs to update timeshift because it's confusing.


I think I am going to modify the Unofficial Manual. I also need to add info on how to use the child safety app, Parental Control now that I know how to use it.

If that is the plan, see this: Unofficial Manual for Zorin 17 Core (various file formats) - Mk II completed 27.12.23! - #21 by zabadabadoo

Amendment in the process on the Comic Relief font version I am working on. Will then also amend original created in Bitstream Charter font, and lastly, the Open Dyslexic font version. I will also be including the Comic Relief font in the Comic Relief font version folder for users that don't have it using other systems. So will be renamed Mk.III.

I don't understand what's going on anymore!

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