Device Firmware Update | UEFI dbx | Version 217

I Think most of user have this update thing. Has anyone update it. Is it safe?? I have seen some user are facing problem in Ubuntu Forum.

That update relates to Secure Boot.
You do not need Secure Boot unless you are dual booting Windows. It is for Windows Only.
Linux distros include compatability with Secure Boot in order to facilitate Dual Booting.
If you are not dual booting, I recommend disabling Secure Boot in your BIOS / EFI settings.

If you are dual booting, you really should run that security update.

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  1. If I disable secure boot. is there any kinds of security related issue I have to face in future??? (only use Linux)

  2. In future If I want a dual boot I will just enable the secure boot and run the security update. Do I have to face any kind of error while security update [UEFI dbx] as I saw on Ubuntu forum they facing some issue. Just want to know in case???

No. Secure Boot is a feature for Windows that ensures that when Windows OS Boots up, only verified packages initialize.
Since some people dual boot Windows and Linux, many distros include compatibility with Secure Boot to ensure that the Linux apps do not get blocked from booting.

And activate the MOK utility on Zorin OS in order to allow Linux packages to initialize with Secure Boot enabled.

When it comes to computers, no matter what you do there is always a risk of some error.


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