Dicors lag when I'm on call

It only happens even when I'm on a call, my pc is slow. It happens on my two PCs, one with the 9th generation i7 and the other with the 6th generation i7

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I'm a little confused as to the nature of your issue. Computer slow when on call does not give much information. Is the processing speed slower or internet (can you open local applications without issue and have only problems with internet? ) Is it a voice call or video call? How much ram do you have? Is this a desktop or laptop? Is the nic integrated and what model is it? Some of these things may be necessary to help you troubleshoot your issue. Defining the issue with some more details will help determine what exactly we need to know of your system to help you resolve this.

Hi, my pc give mini lag when i'm navigation and when i'm writting.
I currently have the discord open on a call, I am programming in the visual studio code, and I have the docker running in the background with a container. And seeing the System monitor, I'm having peaks in the processor.
And when I hang up the call, everything goes back to normal.
I made a video!

Info of system monitor -> https://i.imgur.com/LvDwzIM.png
Video -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_PQwp02hkODKgL280-2YoW7lnDHWeZyE/view?usp=sharing

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Are you using discord app or on the web browser?

He is using the Application

Others have complained about lag when using the app, but said that the web browser version works smoother.

I hope that in the version of zorin the 16 improves!

I had that problem as well, it's a gnome problem, not a zorin problem... It has something to do with refreshing the icons... Just found it again Added an exception to updating discord's icon to avoid a nasty memory… · scj643/gnome-shell-extension-appindicator@999b58d · GitHub
You gotta read a bit, but I am sure you'll figure it out how to use it again... I can't remember :smiley:

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