"DID", "SIP", "AVI", "softphone/virtualphone" etc. ad nauseam

As mentioned in previous posts, terminating all "relationships" with Windows/MS.
Last Hurdle: skype:
Goal is:

  1. Desktop-based Video-calling ("Video-chatting") from/to U.S. and Poland. (NOT "VOIP" voice-only) ("CallCenter" did not specify)
  2. U.S "Landline" number (aka "DID"?) for, primarily, Caller ID functionality when Desktop-calling from Poland (for relatives, and my bank, to recognize who is calling)... In Poland, not available with Google/gmail account
    As with skype, this is a fee-based subscription...(not a problem paying fro it).
    Absolutely no need to "Grow my business" (this is strictly for personal, occasional use).
    Nor do I have a need to "interface" with large groups of people... "whiteboard", "file-sharing", etc. etc.
    (My entire family in one "chat", at the same time, is very, very, dis-recommended :wink:
  3. "softphone", "virtual phone" desktop interface
    This is typically installed when downloading/installing skype.
    Zoiper will only answer maybe/possibly/yes/no questions regarding functionality... unless, to the tune of 60Euros, as a paid subscriber.
    Contacted "FossLinux" for recommenadations
    Also contacted Apache OpenMeetings...

Any insights, from/for Windows refugees?
This is not an "on-the-cheap" effort; I am not averse to paying for the services that I use (in fact, typically, when asked, I "support the cause", through donations.. it ain't much, but, give what I can)

this is my last, and final, step to full immigration to Zorintopia

thanks to many that have so patiently guided me through this sojourn,

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Line plug-in for Chrome-ish browsers:

RingCentral for Linux (.deb version):

aha... "Line" would be the "softphone" interface?
"ringcentral" would be the provider for U.S. "DID"/Landline number?
thanks for quick reply,


Downloaded/installed “LinPhone”: (LinPhone icon where skype used to be... YAY!..., I think)

(Primarily due to what appears to be of Linux origins, as well as France... not Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, China, or the like)
double right-click:
What appears on the box:
extreme upper-left:
Small box with arrowhead pointing to the left,

Larger orange box with up arrow,

“No Account configured”, ( when “hovering” over this with cursor: “sip: (my name) and what appears to be url/gateway number - ###.###.#.#

Along the top edge, to the right, a “search” box,

To the right of that, a telephone keypad,

...then “conference url” not set, then “video conference url not set…

(No interest in conference calling in any form, nor video conference…

strictly for one-on-one calls.)

Methinks this be the oft-referred-to “softphone” (aka “API” ??); desktop interface for making calls.

So… also need a SIP account “provider”??
Evidently was barking up the wrong tree... chasing "DID" rather than "SIP", and "trunk account"

Contacted Vonage (they called me back, same day!)… After a florid dissertation regarding the wunderbar unlimited possibilities… still greek to me... requested an email to do what I am trying to create; one-on-one calls to the U.S. with Caller ID.

p.s. have found how to export skype contacts list to “.csv” file (???)

still blindly bashing into trees in a very,very dark forest

Yet another windows refugee crying for help in the wilderness of Zorintopia

A much simpler option for you. For android phone, Jitsi Meet. From a computer,

There is an option to make the calls E2E - end-to-end encryption is not enabled by default if users were wanting to record a video tutorial say. And oh yes, it is also free.

You do need a browser that supports Chrome extensions. Firefox can work but can be problematical.

I'm in the UK and I insisted it be used over Teams when i was working from home as Teams for Linux sucks (and GNU/Linux in Task Manager revealed its true name, Skype for Business! :rofl:)

I would converse with chat window with work colleague during lockdown, I would log out at end of working day only to find he hadn't logged out 3 days later, the connection is that good! I also helpe a retired community nurse in Florida restore here Machine that needed Windows 10 reinstalling on it - never lost connection for over 4 hours (apart from the one time I clicked on close connection accidentally!)

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Thanks for the tip;
contacted Jitsi with specific questions (i.e. "SIP trunk number",etc.
This would strictly be for one-on-one desktop calls...
most definitely not for my Cellular phone! (too many interruptions while driving already)
FWIW, the morning after, 'LinPhone" did not load to my desktop at startup/boot.
surprised there doesn't already exist a download/install package, as with skype simplicity, for windows refugees.
Footnote: Is jitsi required on both ends of calling/called parties? Or, simple, direct dialing to a telephone/cellular number?

You both need Jitsi - when my city's Linux User Group was in lock down the co-ordinator setup a Jitsi server on his Notebook via Digital Ocean hosting but you don't need to do that (It cost him £5 per month). People with Android phone can join a meeting setup in a browser. I like it because it came out of Open Source, now owned by a company 8x8 who only charge business users - the Browser version and App are free for personal use.

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