Did you created LFS?

I wondering if someone from you created example Zorin like a Linux From Scratch. If yes what changes what you created was good idea. I also wondering how many people on this forum created own LFS?

I did a LFS about 10 years ago, it was fun, frustrating and educational. I do know i scrapped it just because it was a lot to maintain and build dependencies for. If i were to do it again, i would start from a solid base like debian or maybe even ubuntu. I i think i used open mandriva core with kde 4? at the time


Why I asking? because I want trying some day creating some simple disttribution.
The problem on websides are many guides example yesterday with slackware. Going with guide and then without warning put two command update after fresh installation of course it was on virtual machine.
[RELOADED_REMIXED] Chapter 4: Councillor Hamann. - YouTube 3:38 start my conclusion I remember @Aravisian put somewhere the same.
I remember my first experience with Ubuntu what I remember 90-years. Was On 6 CD plate what I remember. Don't know what I doing and how it works. With first buying Zorin version 8 searching on internet how install that and searching where is terminal and what is it. Linux all time was backside in my head. When people are young growing with corporation rules. When I am now more older and have more little place trying creating my life simplier.
Linux gived that not overload like Microsoft with thousand uselles not secure application or control a people.
Still using W7 because some software working on there but every day when I wake up start with linux.
Watching some youtubers linux example Titus Tech or Linuxtv. I know they are more but they learning many things. It gived choice what we want.
Now I am om mint distribution. Want again install Zorin after some mistakes what i do that or waiting 6 months for new version. People sayed Zorin have better gui in xfce but in gnome many peple don't like them and crashes if you installing many extensions.
Ok I don't will be writing a book here.
Have a nice day.

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Found interesting channel how you can build your own linux distribution.

Hello all.
I have a question if Zorin Pro have many special things and more sotware that means I can build from that ISO linux from scratch to my preferences? If free linux distributions have that all packages to build LFS that means paying distribution propably have that all packages?

I must sayed creating LFS is complicated The chapter 8 is longest.
This is very funny and take for good ppl experiences programming propably a weekend that means 2 days.
So creating the distribution mostly is copy,cut,paste and unpack.
The carefully configuration is with creating network connection,grub, menuconfig kernel. That is really interesting.

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