Did you support next version Zorin?

I would sayed today if the next version will be with some "normal" price, propably will support. I am not sure what will be next version.
Today i also discovered from many distributions what exist Zorin 16 when released was on 10 place. After that comes some new distributions, Zorin go little down. I wish them good luck the brothers taken a place from top 10 distributions in next year.

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What do you consider to be a "normal" price?

I paid USD $39 for Zorin Pro 16.1, a price that I felt was fair. When I consider what MS has charged over the years for their OS, the other software I have purchased that was well above the cost of Zorin, and what friends of mine pay every day for coffee at Starbucks...I consider Zorin to be an excellent value.

I will pay for a Pro copy again when Zorin releases version 17 or what ever version name they give it. I have always felt it was important to support programmers that make an effort to improve my life via their software. I understand many others cannot afford to do so, and some just simply refuse...always wanting a free ride.

I am good with what ever they choose, however, I would encourage anyone that can afford to buy Starbucks coffee on a daily basis to consider purchasing a Pro copy of Zorin.


If you are referring to Distrowatch, that counter relays how much a page is viewed, not how popular or how much use an OS gets.


Yes. The "David" - bacteria stealing 10$ or more from on-line transactions when i bought Zorin. Interesting how on-line you can be infected? :rofl:
Besides some people buying one type a car BMW or Volvo.
What i remember for me was sweet cd plate when you ordered earlier version Zorin. This is something like a nostalgia like old vinyl plate.

Well. That propably some lottery because i never heard that another distributions what exist. So then in lottery i am lucky i win nice distribution a Zorin?
I know the linux place on distrowatch are tricky.

I'll gladly pay again, for version 17 when it comes out.

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Considering i paid 49.99 usd in the late 1990's for Slackware boxed CD's, 39.99 for Zorin Pro seems like a good deal to me. I consider the 39 a donation to the product, but for other less knowledgeable and newer users they are also paying 39 for support from the Zorin team, that's pretty cheap, most places charge more than that an hour. Either way its a good deal.


Products: Zorin OS 16 Pro Download (EUR) x 1 @ €39.00
Sub-Total: €39.00
Tax: €8.97
Total: €47.97
15 version
Zorin OS 15 Ultimate Download (EUR) 39,00 EUR 1 €39,00 EUR

Subtotal €39,00 EUR

Total €39,00 EUR

Payment €39,00 EUR

I remember those days. :smile: I also remember paying several hundred dollars for a 20 meg disk drive! :astonished: I thought it was a good deal then and everyone I knew were in awe of the storage capacity. But...I also remember 300 baud acoustical modems, when 1200 baud was the cats meow and, paying for a copy of Netscape Navigator and SUSE from Circuit City.


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