Didn't get purchase email. But payment got deducted from bank account

I purchased Zorin Pro, the amount got deducted from my bank account, but I never received my download email. It also said the payment failed on the payment page, but the amount still got deducted from my bank account.



Check your spam folder, it might went to there. Also there will go a little time before you receive the link to download. how long since you purchased?

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The payment went through 20 minutes ago, still haven't received anything.

Also whenever I try to request a download link at Request New Download Link Email - Zorin OS it tells me that there's no purchase found.

@AZorin @zorink

@Nuke I have tagged the Zorins so they can help you with your purchase.


Hi Ronnie,
Thanks for letting us know, we have recently replied to your email about this.


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