Didn't get purchase email. Unable to download

I purchased Zorin ultimate and the payment got debited. However I didn't get the confirmation email for purchase with the registration no. Also I was unable to download it. I sent two requests over the past two days through the Contact and Support pages but no response. How do I get to use this? I urgetly need to install it on a laptop. Their contact for is asking for a registration no which I don't have since I didn't get the initial email. Is there a support contact email id


Kiran, please use the PM function here to contact @azorin or @zorink to ask for help.
Any email address we can provide would be the same as what is provided on the Zorin OS main page.
I am currently using the released Zorin OS 16 Beta for Soon to be released Zorin OS 16. Because of this, many of us are aware of how immersed ZorinGroup may be in finalizing the Zorin OS 16 release.

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Hi Kiran,
We originally sent the email with your Zorin OS Ultimate download link and registration number on 22 Apr at 7:48 AM GMT.

We have just now re-sent this email to the address linked to the purchase as well the address linked to your forum account.

Thank you. Received the same. A suggestion on my part would be a page to resend download link in case it happens again for someone. Where we just have to enter our purchase email Iā€™d and it gets resent. Thank you.

Glad to hear that you received your copy of Zorin OS Ultimate!

You can re-send your copy of Zorin OS Ultimate by pressing the "Already purchased Zorin OS Ultimate?" link in the Ultimate section of our Download page.