Difference between set screen resolution and effective screen resolution

It's the second time that when I close a game the resolution is wrong even if set to 1366×768, the first time was after a bomberman game, now with Barrage :point_down:.
Schermata da 2023-04-30 03-08-44
Zooming in a bit and with a little imagination you can read the resolution is still set to 1366×768 but effectively I was having a 640×480 resolution as from screenshot properties (taken in full-screen) :point_down:.
Schermata da 2023-04-30 03-08-54
Why there's this difference between the resolution set in screen settings and the effective resolution? And who has to restore the correct resolution of the screen once the game closes? The game itself or the system?

The game is supposed to remember state of the resolution before its changed by the game. Either its a bug or the devs of the game didn't implement state retention. I'm surprised you don't have more issues than with this.

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Very good, at least now I know it's something that depends on game developers. It's rare though, usually games restore system screen resolution. Game developers have been informed.

Why? You mean I could have even more serious problems? Like broken DE, missing buttons, wrong fonts or things like that?

I mean that it's a lack of releasing resources and cleaning up. Ram, processor, gpu all are requested use by software. Forget to release something and you could crash a machine. You could have video issues, constant ram usage and memory leaks, processes that eat cpu doing nothing, a whole host of issues can come from the lack of cleanup.

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Yeah, I heard about zombie processes or stuff like that running for no reason in background after software closure. The most serious issue I had recently was with AssaultCube.

Every time, after some minutes, playing or not, the game was having screen freezes 1 after the other and then, to end perfectly, a whole computer block. Of course I dropped all values to lowest to not overload my laptop but no hope, and seeing no response after asking about what's going on I uninstalled it. Usually I try to fix issues as best as I can but when I can't neither get thing fixed by myself nor get some help from developers themselves (or, sometimes, game community) I uninstall and go to next, I won't ever lose time again on fixing issues after some days that I'm into them.

It is helpful to the developers and others playing the game that you report those occurrences. Let them know your hardware, what all was running, what it does and any insight you can provide. This will help them to duplicate the issue and code for it. This will also help them determine if interaction with certain hardware causes the issues.

Then the software devs can implement fixes so you can enjoy the software.

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Yeah, I share my laptop specs when I report some things more technical while I share some screenshots when I want to show bugs, misplaced or missing objects, typos and all that things that I can show to give a proof of what I experienced.

Sometimes it has happened that games were freezing my laptop but no key shortcuts or key combos were working. Sometimes they are “soft freezes” and I can close the game by pressing Windows logo button and close the game, other times they are “hard freezes” and I can't do anything, nor holding alt+f4 to force-close. It's the default key combo for it but never works, nor in normal conditions, something is wrong with it but I know both buttons work (tested on virtual keyboard). I also saw that when a game hard-freezes the whole laptop including mouse control I can do only some actions like turning on/off Wi-Fi, set stand-by, increase/decrease brightness or similar (so by key combos) but then nothing else. But can also happen that the mouse works, I can't click anything though, everything only looks a picture, unclickable.

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