Different behavior of desktop in Zorin OS 17

Hi, I use Zorin OS 17 Core, standard installation. Before that, I had (still have on one laptop) 16.3. In 16.3, an application that I started would appear in the same position I ran it last time. In v17, the applications seem to "forget" where on the desktop I ran them last time. Can this behavior of v16.3 be activated in Zorin OS 17? Thanks!

Try this:

  1. sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

After installation, open the Gnome Tweaks application, go to the Windows sidebar, and uncheck the "Center New Windows".

  1. sudo apt install dconf-editor

After installation, open dConf Editor, click out of the warning screen, then go to org/gnome/gnome-session and click to enable "auto-save-session".

If the above doesn't work, I'll research more. As far as I know, the OS doesn't handle this, the individual applications do, but the 1) setting above overrides the application's settings to center it on startup.

Thanks for the quick reply, I tried, but it does not change the behavior.

Gnome Tweaks - Window tab

[ Source of suggestion: Is there anyway to make Ubuntu 22.04 remember the size and location of windows? - Ask Ubuntu ]

Thanks, I came across that article as well, but I do not want to center a new window. I want it to pop up where it was when I last ran the application. Or better to say: When I last closed it.

I am one of those people that like to have a large screen and place various programs across it. And Zorin 16.3 did it exactly that way.

Was the change to Wayland one of the changes between Zorin 16.3 and 17? Or something else with the standard desktop of the Core edition?

Yes, it was. I will gratefully be using Xorg on Zorin OS 17...

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How is it possible to select X11 as windowmanager at boot time for Zorin 17 Core? Or at least how to deactivate Wayland and use X11 instead by default?

You can easily change it on the Login Screen. When You click on your Profile and the Password-Field comes, You can see in the right Corner at the bottom a Gear. When You click on it You can switch. When You switched it, it will keep the Change till You switch it again.

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