Different scroll speel for mouse and trackpad

Is there a way of having separate scroll speeds for the mouse and trackpad?
I've set the scrolling speed with the MouseWheel gui app, but that has just one slider.

Right now, the mouse scroll is to slow, and the trackpad scroll is way to fast.

You can set the speed independently to mouse and touchpad.
Settings-> Mouse and Touchpad


That's for the move speed, I want to change the scroll speed.

You asking for a Toll-order :sweat_smile:
@Aravisian might have a better idea.

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Looks as if you may have to be content with what you have. As I see no resolution that is just a click away to fix.

Curious, why is the current speed of scroll not adequate? I like learning viewpoints...


I used mousesheel app to change my scroll speed once. Once setting it up, it sent my scroll speed into Warp.
I removed it.


Because the scroll speed for my mouse and trackpack are vastly different.
For the mouse it scrolls way to slow and with the trackpad it scrolls super-fast.
For work I use my mouse but then I switch to my trackpad in the evening and now I must constantly tweak the scroll speed whenever I switch.

Is there a command to change the scroll speed?
If I can bind the command to a shortcut, it will make thing a lot easier.

It is a very loooooong thread:
Scroll down to the end to see the solution for Ubuntu 20,04 (which Zorin 16 is based on).

It only shows how to open imwheel trough the command line, but not how to change the speed, I think?

I will ask @Aravisian to have a look.

If using IMWheel, changing the Speed Number changes the speed. On mine, even set to 1 was too fast...

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