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I like the look of that. That is a fascinating theme design. The way it uses impression like in the search boxes. And the open APP tabs in the taskbar have rounded and bubblyness like Windows7 would have. I'd still go for a darker theme though, but I like what I am seeing there.

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I have thought about converting Void to a Dark theme. Of course, that would put it on XFCE, too...


Would love to see that.

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OK, the wheels are turning in my head, I know dangerous right? :crazy_face:

I told you guys that if SSD prices start going down, I'd like to get a second M.2 SSD for the second internal slot on my computer. Well, if that day ever comes, and prices fall down enough to be more realistic, I am going to buy another 1TB or so.

The brilliant beyond brilliant idea I have in my head, is I would like to install Zorin OS 16 LITE on it. You guys talk about how fast LITE is, well, imagine how fast it will be on an NVME M.2 SSD drive, rated for 3000+ MBPS?

Are you getting excited Aravisian? Well you should be, cause when that day comes, I am going to come to you for my theming needs. And I've already seen the delicious goodness you've constructed already on your machine.

Yes, the ideas are happening guys, if only one day the pocket book will say yes. This bloody tech shortage lol.


11.11 Black Friday?


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I tried MXLinux XFCE and man only in the live session it was bloody fast. I thought gnome was fast but my laptop can be faster :joy:

You see the hardware I am rocking? Its gonna be so fast, it will create fusion between gigabyte and terabyte, it will create its own energy to power the laptop. Ooooooo, smokin!!!!!

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Ok. For xfce better using a Conky or Tiling? Or if I have something from reddit webside where is topic about configuration r/unix...?
Anyone have some idea what use for novice or not novice?
Pop Shell i have on Zorin.

I use conky and have since I was a fresh and green novice on Zorin OS. I rely on my conky HUD's heavily.

Could you gived to me some link to help find some very configurable a themes?

Deviantart is a good resource.
You can also check gnome-look (pling.com)

And it may be worthwhile to have a Conky Thread in Customization where we can all exchange scripts and ideas and tips on configuration, for conky and for lua.


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