Different Zorin

Hello. I have a question.
Can we re-design iso image Zorin like here example?

I know this is another distribution.
I remember one user asking the same question on some topic but it was about copyright a name and sign Zorin.
Probably other desktop environments can be configured in the same way like this movie up.

Yes, you can. Just be sure to not reuse the Zorin Name on applications or the spin. Other than that, it would be great to see what you come up with.

Yes it gived more people interesting distribution Zorin.
Many diffrents desktop GUI. If I used that for only home using then propably I don't broke some copyright Zorin.

Linux Survival Guide #1: Distros & Drives - YouTube also Zorin here.

@Bourne Can you explain your plans ? you want to make Zorin spin or you just sharing more materials about Zorin and other DE

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Zorin this is a fork Ubuntu. My plan is a GUI Zorin with diffrents example KDE,Plasma,Cinnamon. Full configuration ZOrin with diffrents GUI.


Here Cinnamon on Zorin.
![Zrzut ekranu z 2021-09-24 21-57-47|655x477]

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Regarding the Cinnamon version, (I sure do love the taste of it in my coffee) the dark mode doesn't look dark enough for me, yeah its grey, but it doesn't look dark enough. So if I were to install Cinnamon DE over Zorin, I would need to get a darker theme on there.

But thats not a problem, thats what Star Labs is for lol. Or any theme that I am sure Aravisian can cook up. With XFCE, its looking nice and dark out of the box, but I would get rid of the dock, cause I hate docks like that. I'd have Whisker Menu installed on that as I did once before, and I'd contact Aravisian for all my theming needs.

And just where does that mouse think he's going? Come back here you! :joy_cat:

Who's feeling A Bit
Of Nostalgia When
I Used XFCE On
Zorin OS 12.4

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Yeah but i do that with 2 minutes only installed diffrent GUI.
Will trying also POP OS - (little afraid). The best is you can install another GUI not missing your files or installation anything new. Just when you start login you can choose what you want GUI.



Plasma is looking a bit too simple to me for me to like it, I am sure it can be changed though. Dark mode would be required for me to stand that.

But I will say, I freaking love what the system has done with DARK mode in that terminal window. VERY NICE!!! I love it!

BTW, see how you have all those colored squares in all of your screenfetch screenshots you post on the board Bourne? I've never had those colored squares on either of my computer's screenfetches.

I'm assuming this is due to a hardware related matter on why you have those and I do not. I do not even know what those colored squares corrolate to in that context?

Bourne is using Neofetch instead of screenfetch.


Yes I installed all desktop from terminal with some tutorial. I remember with Plasma I have experience on opensuse. XFCE i was on Manjaro. Cinnamon on mint what i remember. I will try research how install menu bar title like in mac or pop os. some global gnome or tweaks.

For Cinnamon i would suggest to use void as panel.


On Cinnamon, this is in settings. Windows > Titlebar (tab) > Buttons > Button Layout.

On XFCE: Window Manager > Button layout; though this may be Theme Dependent. You can change it in most existing themes by opening the theme XFWM4/themerc file and changing button_layout=O|HMC to button_layout=HMC|O

I never realized that! Thank you Aravisian.

I'll just send Neofetch out to get some information.

I grow up so fast!