Difficulty with Zorin Menu on Dual Monitors

Hello everyone, I'm currently facing a bit of a snag with my dual-monitor setup, and I was wondering if anyone here could lend a hand.

Here's the situation: I'm using two monitors, with Monitor 1 on the left and Monitor 2 on the right (which also happens to be my primary monitor). On my primary monitor (Monitor 2), I have the Zorin menu. In my Windows days, I got used to a trick – when I wanted to access the menu quickly, I could just move my mouse to the bottom-left corner on the primary monitor, and it would get "stuck" there. This was a handy shortcut that allowed me to open the menu swiftly without relying on the keyboard.

Now, on Zorin OS, this feature works, but only when I approach from the left side of the primary monitor. Unfortunately, it doesn't behave the same way when I try to do it from the right side of the monitor. I'm wondering if anyone has a solution or workaround to achieve the same result from the right monitor.

I've experimented with adjusting the mouse-stop area at the bottom of the screen where it transitions to the other monitor. However, this approach seems to be a bit tricky, as the sweet spot for the mouse to "stick" is quite narrow – roughly 0.5 to 1 cm in height. Modifying the monitor height in the settings is not an option, as it would increase the difference for the mouse to catch by 5cm, which is not ideal.

For additional context, my resolution is set to 2560x1440 (16:9).

I hope I've explained the issue clearly, but feel free to ask for clarification if needed. Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

-- I made this post with the help of OpenAI since my english isn't quite good enough to explain my problem. My answers going forward will be without AI.

I think this extension can help you.


Hi, thanks for your suggestion! Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out which option I need to activate to achieve this without any interaction like pressing a button or shortcut. Can you tell me where to find such an option?


1 and 2 = you can select the monitor
3 = you select the corners you want to use (you can set all corners, if you want)
4 = you select the function you want (it is not necessary to press a button or use shortcut)
5 = you can expand the corner area

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