DirectX and Zorin OS 16, or GNU/Linux

I wonder how substantial this news is and whether it'll be implemented in new kernels, especially for Zorin OS16 soon?

For now, it seems to be only for the proprietary Windows Sub-system for Linux on Windows only.

Any thoughts, fellow Earthlings?

Yes, I've seen the talk about direct X and also DLSS support and all that jaz. That is not really something that goes into the Kernel. That is something that goes into the Nvidia drivers. So when the next Nvidia video driver release comes out, I believe thats the driver that will have the Direct X 12 support, as well as the DLSS support.

If you install a game directx mostly get delivered with it. When you click on the exe file from directx wine will kick in and installs it. Some games do not run when directx is not installed. I already tested this :grin:

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