Disable autodownload of new updates in software


is there a chance to disable the autodownload of updates in software ? For example GNOME Application platform updates. Not the updates for apt :slight_smile:

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Check Out this Solution:-


What I mean is the autodownload of "Software" not the apt checks.
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Not this one:
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I suppose there is no auto download feature on Zorin Os. The updates only start when a pop up box appears and you give your consent. Unfortunately the pop up box cannot be disabled in Genuine versions of Zorin OS.

If you are are worried about the Software app then there are ways to stop the application. But, The application itself has no such problem for background updates like windows OS :smiley:


Removing Software application may cause severe gnome failure. So, please do not try that !


Thank you for all your support on this. But I've never seen a popup. Just opening the software-application and looking at the updates tab (sorry I've only german zorin-os) it showes some updates which are already downloaded and manualy can installed bei clicking the update button.


I've noticed this too in the past, I think what is happening is that when the normal updater is running it is just replicating the fact in order to ensure update synchronisation with the Software channel. It's the only way I can describe it.

Ich habe das in der Vergangenheit auch schon bemerkt. Ich denke, was passiert, ist, dass der normale Updater, wenn er läuft, nur die Tatsache repliziert, um die Synchronisierung der Updates mit dem Software-Kanal sicherzustellen. Anders kann ich es nicht beschreiben.
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If there is no chance to disable it, so for me it's ok :slight_smile: Thanks to all in this threat.

I have recently suggested someone with the same problem to uncheck all the repositories in the software menu if they want a stand alone device. But, it shouldn't be done :slightly_frowning_face:

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