Completely disable auto updates & automatic checks for updates

I've tried disabling the auto update checks and the updates, themselves, through the settings options; however, I still get auto update checks.

After searching, I found a solution and verified that the settings in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20auto-upgrades was set to "0". Still, getting auto update checks.

I do not want any unauthorized communication from my system and with Zorin OS 16, it seems as if I cannot disable the checks and/or updates happening without my consent.

Has anyone found a way to completely disable this?

@guinness1 Try This and see if it works?,How%20to%20disable%20Automatic%20Updates%20from%20GUI%20Desktop,Automatically%20check%20for%20updates%20field.


Thank you for the reply; that was the solution I linked in my first post. I have the file set up like that, but still get unwanted update checks.

According to my experience Zorin OS asks users before installing any updates and I have never found any system resources being overused by any autoupdate service without my consent. There is a pop up window that asks to install updates and I think it contains a option to not install the updates. Also, the commands in the article if working with your Ubuntu version are more than enough to stop any auto update services.



Unfortunately, still getting a popup asking to update. That's communication outside my network without my permission.

I do not want it to check for updates, suggest updates, look for updates, or communicate with Zorin's server, or anywhere else, without me explicitly telling it to do so. If I cannot stop this behavior, it's just as bad as Windows. I've been searching and the above links seems to work for Ubuntu 20.04 but not for Zorin OS.

This is exactly what I was talking about; while typing a reply to another forum post, this popped up:


Here are the settings:


This is unacceptable. In Linux, I should be able to prevent my computer from doing anything I do not want it to do; however, in Ubuntu/Zorin OS, it seems like they're pulling a Microsoft move and forcing update downloads and checks.

I think its some sort of bug, But if you do not like updates at all you can uncheck from all repositories of updates this will stop it from searching and updating ever.

Also, you are subscribed to all updates which by default downloads them, switch it to custom.

Okay, I did this, but now it will not update anything. I had to resubscribe to get apt-get to work correctly.

What I'm finding out is that Ubuntu, and thus Zorin OS, are exactly like Windows in that they make network connections without my consent and, also like Windows, there is no way to stop it.

I had planned on installing Zorin OS Pro on hundreds of machines for my business and thought I would try it out first. I'm glad that I did, because this is a game changer. I will have to find a better OS that allows me to stop automatically updating or even checking for updates.

I contacted the Artyom Zorin about this and soon we will get a solution for this bug :smiley: